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News about the "Reversed Core Collection" pages (Jan. 12, 2003):

A lot of things changed, since I first made these pages. They were based on the second edition of "The 910's Guide To The Beatles' Outtakes" and the first edition of "The 910's Guide To The Solo Beatles' Outtakes". Since those appeared, two things have happened:

  1. Doug Sulpy has already published two more volumes of the "The 910's Guide To The Beatles' Outtakes". And the important thing is, that the fourth edition of the project includes, as part three, a book, that does exactly, what I did with my pages in 1998 - it presents all Core Collection discs and points out, what is Core there. The book is still available, so if you interested in this, you should get it here.

  2. Doug Sulpy's previous co-author on "The 910's Guide To The Solo Beatles' Outtakes", Chip Madinger, together with a new co-author (Mark Easter) published an own book on the Solo Beatles' musical output, not only on bootlegs, but on all kind of media. That one does not include a Core Collection list anymore, only a list of recommended choices to get. You can get that here (it's definitely worth worth the money!). And while "The 910" magazine still annonces Solo Beatles' discs, that are Core, it's hardly ever clear, which track are the Core tracks in the end.

So I have decided, not to work on the "Reversed Core Collection" pages anymore. I'll leave them as they were.

And now to the actual page's text:

The meaning of these pages:

Those of you who have read my " About CD-Inlay's" page know that I mainly organized my CD collection according to the books from Doug Sulpy (and his co-authors). If you know the books or have read my above mentioned page, you know about the meaning of the "Core Collection". This listing of CD's wants to show us, what is to be the best bootleg source for every available rare Beatles track.

I know it is the target for a lot of people to get this collection completely in their hands. I am also trying my best, even though my collection still is far from being complete. On the hunt for CD's I have found one thing to be difficult. If I had the choice between a few discs, I tried to find out, which included songs from the Core Collection and was it really worth to get that particular disc. But to find this out sometimes means a lot of researching in the books. So I thought about doing the reverse listing - all songs in the book sorted by the discs of the core collection they are included on.

And if I do it for me, I thought I could share it with the rest of the Beatles world, as well!

Some basic rules for all the lists:

These pages are included:

The Beatles
(Based on the second edition of the book)

Paul McCartney
John Lennon
George Harrison
Ringo Starr