Get Back - The Songs

This page will take a look at the Get Back-Sessions in different way. For everybody who doesn't own the "Get Back"-Book with the new DDSI-Numbers, I want to try to make a little sense of at least some of the available recordings.

This page will not run down the complete number of songs from the book "Get Back". It will examine some of the songs, that are different from the others, basing on the information in the book.

There will be two different chapters:

1.) Songs, that are known under more than one name

2.) Songs, that have something that makes them unique

The lists will be in alphabetic order.

1.) Songs, that are known under more than one name:
(Songs that have something that makes them unique) | More songs with different Names

Name of the Song and DDSI-Number from the new Book

Other Name(s)

Ach Du Lieber Augustin (DDSI 24.38)

Waltz For Mr. Benglestein (Ach Du Lieber Augustin)

Because I Know You Love Me So (DDSI 3.65)

Wake Up In The Morning

Cannonball/Not Fade Away/Hey Little Girl (In The High School Sweater) / Bo Diddley (DDSI 29.49)

Not Fade Away (/Bo Diddley)

Get Back (DDSI 9.64)

No Pakistanis!

Get Off! (DDSI 9.91 + 9.94)

White Power (Get Off!)

Gone, Gone, Gone (DDSI 7.105)

That Must Be My Gal

Hare Krishna Mantra (DDSI 8.11 + 8.13)

Harry Pinsker / Hare Krishna Mantra - Parody Lyrics

Honey Hush (DDSI 8.08 + 8.09 + 9.95)

Hi Ho Silver - Yackety Yak

I'll Wait 'Til Tomorrow (DDSI 3.67)

If Tomorrow Ever Comes

Improvisation (DDSI 21.18)

News Report

I'm Ready/Improvisation (DDSI  22.58)

Rocker (Link Track)

Improvisation/Good Rockin' Tonight (DDSI 21.44)

Roll Over Beethoven/Everybody Is Rockin' Tonight

Michael Row The Boat (DDSI 24.78)

Michael Row The Boat Ashore

On The Road To Marrakesh (DDSI 2.15 + 24.22)

Child Of Nature

A Quick One While He's Away (DDSI 10.50)

Take Me Home

The River Rhine (DDSI 29.44)

Moving Along The River Rhine

School Day (DDSI 7.136) 

Schooldays/Hail Hail Rock 'N' Roll

Song Of Love (DDSI 14.25 + 14.26)

It's Just For You

Speak To Me (DDSI 2.33 + 7.66 + 7.69)

Time Is Tight

Stand By Me/Where Have You Been (DDSI 24.102)

Stand By Me

Suzy's Parlour (DDSI 9.39)

Suzy Parker

Tea For Two Cha Cha (DDSI 3.08 + 3.09)

Tea For Two

Vacation Time (DDSI 29.48)

The Real Case Has Just Begun

Watch Your Step (DDSI 21.23)

Moby Dick (Watch Your Step)

What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For (When They Don't Mean What They Say) (DDSI 3.89)

What Do You Wanna Make Those Eyes At Me For

Window, Window (DDSI 26.02)

There Once Was A Beautiful Girl

2.) Songs, that have something, that makes them unique:
(Songs, that appear under more than one name)

Name of the Song (DDSI-Number from the new Book)

Special distinguishing mark

All Things Must Pass (DDSI 8.40)

Only version that features John Lennon on (badly played) Piano. This is especially evident during the intro, where John plays some piano notes that not quite fit in with the song.

Dig A Pony (DDSI 21.20)

This version of the song is announced by John Lennon with the words: "Nick a Tony - Take 1"

Get Back (DDSI 9.64)

aka "No Pakistanis": completely different lyrics than the commonly known version.

Get Back (DDSI 10.35)

This version is complete. A much faster version of this song, with a completely different arrangement.

Get Back (DDSI 23.08)

This version features Paul shouting "Hit it, hit it" during the song.

Get Back (DDSI 23.09)

This version has the special lyrics of "Don't fool around here!" during the song.

Get Back (DDSI 23.79)

The only alternate version of "Get Back" that is also available in STEREO from the "Get Back"-Acetate .

Get Back (DDSI 27.68)

This version is sung in pseudo german and in the last verse in pseudo french.

I've Got A Feeling (DDSI 8.18)

Paul is varying the lyrics once during the song, with a loud call of "Good Morning!" after one of the guitar lines.

I've Got A Feeling (DDSI 22.34)

The "I had a Dream"-version, this line is shouted out by John during the song, in the same style it is known from Martin Luther King. Following the song, the Beatles have a conversation about M.L. King.

I've Got A Feeling (DDSI 22.90)

This is a rehearsel take, that features a kind of "Wild West"-Intro with horse noises during the first seconds of the intro.

I've Got A Feeling (DDSI 22.91)

This version has three cords played over and over again with Paul and John singing only "Beeb Beeb". This "lyric" is taken from Bo Diddley's "Road Runner"!

I've Got A Feeling (DDSI 22.71)

This version is just 2:46 long. It is a breakdown, even so it was included in all three compilations of the "Get Back"-Album.

I've Got A Feeling (DDSI 27.84)

This is the "goof" version, with a false start, caused by John: "I'm so ashamed... I goofed again...".

I've Got A Feeling (DDSI 22.96)

This version should have the title of "I've got another Feeling", because that is what Paul sings during the intro vocals. That shows how bored the band was, having to play the same song over and over again without much improving.

Let It Be (DDSI 9.122)

Missing much of the lyrics, Paul sings, whatever comes to his mind, including the line "Read the Record Mirror, Let it be...". 

Let It Be (DDSI 26.74)

This version is a slower approach, it feels "heavier" than other available ones. There is a STEREO-version available from the "Get Back"-Acetate .

Let It Be ("Take 27b") (DDSI 31.65)

This version has a different lyric some way into the song, when Paul sings "There will be no sorrow, Let it be...". This hasn't appeared in any other version. This recording is featured in the film  "Let it be" and also in Part 8 of the Video "Anthology"

One After 909 (DDSI 28.53)

This version is completely ruined by John Lennon, when he starts to sing the wrong lyrics somewhere during the song. That is especially funny, because he did a similiar thing in March 1963, when the group recorded the song for the first time. When John discovers in this version, that he's wrong with the lyrics, he can be heard saying "Oh, I did it again!". Whether he remembers doing the same in 1963 or is just refering to some other lyric mess-up that he caused during the Get Back-Sessions (and he caused a lot), cannot be proved.

Two Of Us (DDSI 10.46)

A complete take. This is similar to the version of "Get Back (DDSI 10.4)", it is much faster and has a completely different arrangement.

Two Of Us (DDSI 24.46)

This is announced on the available tape as "Take 1". There doesn't seem to be a any other numbered take.

Two Of Us (DDSI 25.09)

The lyrics are sung in British, Scottish and Jamaican accent. John and Paul seem to be having fun.

Two Of Us (DDSI 24.69)

Paul is saying "Goodbye" during the last chords of the song.


These are just examples of this kind of examining. If you want to contribute to this page - please sent me an E-Mail with the song, the new DDSI-Number and what is so unique about that special version:

I will add the entry to the page and note you as the author!