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Jan. 30, 2001 - Sept. 10, 2004

Name: t. jones
Sent: 22.52 - fri 10 sep 2004

Great site. Were there legitimate Wingspan -- The Remixes promos or are these cover images the work of an inventive collector?

As far as I know, the single remixes were official releases, on CD singles and/or vinyl 12" singles. The disc ''Wingspan - The Remixes'' is an unofficial release, that collected these together on one CD. The Webmaster...

Name: Leigh
Hometown: Essex,UK
Your Home Country England
Your Computer/OS: XP
Sent: 13.22 - mon 23 aug 2004

did you know you are a 'Googlewhack' ?

A 'googlewhack' is when you type in 2 words into your google search engine,and get back only one hit.
One hit out of the 3 billion webpages google searches from !

For you information,i searched for "spangled horseriders",and this site was the only one in the world which contained those 2 words.

Oh and BTW,im also a huge Beatles fan,have been for 20 yrs+,so another coincidence for me.....

Anyway,congrats,nice site,and a official 'Googlewhack'


Name: guillermo
Your Home Country arg
Sent: 21.19 - thu 20 may 2004

hi do you have a list for trade?guillermo

Name: Kevin McCullough
Hometown: Liverpool (but living in Tokyo)
Your Home Country England (Japan)
Your Computer/OS: P4 Windows XP Pro
Your Web Browser: IE
Your Hobbies: Music, Football, Beer
Your favorite Artist: It depends on my mood
Your favorite Record: see previous
Sent: 15.19 - fri 7 may 2004

Nice site. I was wondering if you could help me with some information. I have a Beatles vinyl recorded in a studio called 'Let It Be and 10 Other Somgs' It appears to be the exact same design as the picture of 'Get Back' you have on your homepage, except for the title. On the back of the cover it says 'Promotional Record' then it has the play list and some thank yous, then it says 'Not For Sale' The labels are black & white with 'Tonto. The Originals' printed on them and a cat.# STEMRA TO643. The matrix # on the run off has been scratched out. I'd like to know when and by who it was released. Was it, as I suspect recorded at Abbey Road? It is not for sale but any valuation would be interesting. I've been searching on and off for a couple of weeks and my heart nearly missed a beat when I saw your homepage. Please help. Thanks in advance

Name: Wayne
Hometown: Canberra
Your Home Country Australia
Your Computer/OS: p4 windows me
Your Web Browser: ie5 and netscape
Your Hobbies: beatles, soccer, theatre
Your favorite Artist: Beatles
Your favorite Record: Abbey Road
Sent: 01.56 - sun 11 apr 2004

Great site! Trying to find info on the B rolls from 0049B to 0125B from twickenham and covers for day by day series .. so great help here!

Name: Nikki
Hometown: CA
Sent: 00.07 - thu 12 feb 2004

Great site! I will tell all of my friends :).

Name: Rick Sullivan
Hometown: New York - NY / USA
Sent: 20.00 - sun 8 feb 2004

Hi ! your site is very cool ! I have a site too. This is a lyrics site (
If you have time visit us ! by the way, can you add a link to my site in you site ? see you later. :e

Name: Ron Bowman
Sent: 06.18 - wed 3 dec 2003

I think you might be onto something, re the un-documented LIB mix on UM6. The mix is distinctly different; GM's orchestrations are quite prominent, while, mixed way down, you can hear the 2nd fuzz lead, right before the break, and also just before the piano flub in the 3rd verse.

I haven't listened in stereo yet, but this does seem to be a different mix.


Name: paul dean
Your Home Country ENGLAND
Your favorite Artist: THE BEATLES
Your favorite Record: HEY JUDE/REVOLUTION
Sent: 18.11 - fri 7 nov 2003


Name: cooky
Hometown: Ruhrpott
Your Home Country BRD
Your favorite Artist: Beatles and More
Sent: 14.47 - sun 28 sep 2003

Hello Beatles Fans and Collectors !
At this time sunday the 28th of septembre i´ve seen 3 megarare original 88er UK Only 3"inch Cd Singles at ebay. They are in absolute perfect mint condition like never seen before.!!! here the link to find :

Super Betales Site - Congratulations , cooky

Name: Wendy Riddell
Hometown: AZ
Sent: 21.54 - sun 29 jun 2003

I really enjoyed looking through your site. As an amateur web designer, I've put one together as well

Name: Lilly Blindish
Sent: 23.45 - tue 17 jun 2003

This is a good site best one I've seen so far keep up the good work

Name: drrobert61
Hometown: pennsauken nj
Your Hobbies: collecting beatles recordings
Your favorite Artist: ??????
Your favorite Record: please,please me-album
Sent: 01.53 - sun 11 may 2003

i came across your article on let it be mystery i thought i was the only one that picked up on that& heres another one : on the bootleg WORLDS BEST cd theres a version of across the universe in mono with the same problems, the orchasta is mixed real low as if george martin or geoff emrick tried to take it out. tell me if you know of this.......drrob

Name: Lon
Your Home Country United States
Your Computer/OS: W98 / W2K / WXP
Your Hobbies: Music / Computers
Your favorite Artist: Beatles, KISS, Monkees
Your favorite Record: I have LOTS of favorite LP's & CD's
Sent: 22.04 - sat 3 may 2003

I'm looking for a image of the one that is very similar to the LP "Get Back with Don't Let Me Down with 10 other songs". But the title of it is "Let It Be with 10 other songs" I seen the picture of it in a Beatle book titled "The Complete Beatles Chronicle" by Mark Lewisohn. It is on page 323. Do you happen to have it or know someone else who does have it?
Thank You for reading this. Hope to hear from you.

Name: Gerhard Schröder
Hometown: Hannover
Your Home Country Niedersachsen
Your Computer/OS: ?
Your Web Browser: lynx
Your Hobbies: Haarefärben
Your favorite Artist: ich
Your favorite Record: viele
Sent: 15.39 - tue 18 mar 2003

Hallo Albert!

Hier ist noch ein Promieintrag!


Name: Sven
Sent: 21.03 - sat 8 mar 2003

Am 15. März ist große Geburtstagsparty auf!!!!

Zu deinem Eintrag: Macht doch nix! Jetzt haste ihn ja gelesen!

Name: Miriam Pielhau
Your Home Country Germany
Sent: 11.46 - fri 28 feb 2003

Hallo Albert,
ich hätte nie gedacht, das ich so einen großen Fan wie dich habe. Deine Seite finde ich richtig süß.
Ich hab da aber mal ne Frage. Wer ist Hannes Flesner? Noch nie von gehört. Du kannst dich ja mal bei mir melden, ich lade jede erste Sendung im Monat einen Fan von mir persönlich zum Taff-Studio ein. Wenn du dich meldest bist du vielleicht dabei. Würde mich freuen.

Deine Miri

Name: Sven
Hometown: Dülmen
Your Home Country Deutschland
Your Computer/OS: Ja ;-)
Your Web Browser: Ja ;-)
Your Hobbies: Ja ;-)
Your favorite Artist: Ich (Harald Schmidt)
Your favorite Record: 100 m in 16,9 Sekunden ;-)
Sent: 21.59 - thu 16 jan 2003

Tach Albi!!
Hey, du siehst aber lustig aus *g* Besser als ich dachte. nach deinen Worten im Forum hätte man glatt denken können, dass du nen alter Sack wärst *sorry* Ich komme wohl mal schnell zu deiner Homepage...
Ich interessiere mich zwar nicht so viel für die Beatles, aber wenn ich mal Infos brauche, weiss ich jetzt ja wo es welche gibt!!
Mach mal schön weiter und immer anständig bleiben!!
Gruß, der Sven ausm Miriam Pielhau Board!!

Name: Tammus
Your Home Country Ostfriesland
Your Computer/OS: ganz alte Kiste....
Your Hobbies: Musik,
Your favorite Artist: Keith Sweat
Your favorite Record: Funky Dope lovin`g
Sent: 13.05 - sun 8 dec 2002

Moin Albert!
Bin durch Hannes Flesner auf deine Seite gestoßen. Ist gut gelungen. Ich bin ein großer Hannes Flesner-Fan. Seine Lieder sind einfach genial. Schade das er so früh gestorben ist. Weißt du eigentlich woran? Viele Grüße aus Veenhusen, Tammus

Name: Doctor Lev
Hometown: Kings Park, NY
Your Home Country USA
Your Hobbies: Writing, playing guitar, baseball, weightlifting
Your favorite Artist: Beatles/John Lennon
Your favorite Record: The White Album
Sent: 18.19 - fri 11 oct 2002


I'm Doctor Lev.
I am a 'Paul-Is-Dead' fanatic and author... : )
My recently released novel is called: 'Billy Shears: The Secret History of the Beatles', and is the story of the man, Billy Campbel, who had secretly replaced Paul after his fatal car accident in November, 1966.
I also have a website dedicated to the Beatles, the P-I-D mystery, my book, and me (Doctor Lev).
Could you please add my website to yours?
I would kindly do the same... ; )

Please check it out....Thanks!

(aka Doctor Lev)

Here are some "key-word" info:
Title: Doctor Lev's Paul-Is-Dead website!
Banner Location:
Key Words: Beatles, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Pete Best, Paul-Is-Dead, Billy Shears, Billy Campbell, Mystery, Rumors, Doppelganger, novel, book, Doctor Lev, Liverpool, The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper, Abbey Road, Menlove Avenue
Description: Learn about the "Great" Beatles' “Paul-Is-Dead” mystery and the man who secretly replaced Paul McCartney in the novel: 'Billy Shears: The Secret History of the Beatles' by Doctor Lev. Also, discover other cool Beatles' material and original music by Doctor Lev!
NewsFlash: BEATLES' "Paul-Is-Dead" mystery solved!
DOCTOR LEV has solved this great mystery within his new fictional novel "Billy Shears: The Secret History of the Beatles" (ISBN#: 0-8059-5468-6).
Doctor Lev will be a guest speaker at BEATLEFEST in Boston November 1-3; and at the LIVERPOOL DAYS convention in Pasadena, California December 7-8!
More information can be obtained at

Name: Ulrich Münch
Your Web Browser: Konquerer von LINUX (zumindest privat)
Sent: 12.20 - fri 20 sep 2002

Moin Herr Meyer,
gute Homepage ! Bin durch Zufall draufgestossen als ich sehen wollte, woher Sie das Gif mit der Email haben.
Bin zwar nicht unbedingt Beatles-Fan, fröne aber auch noch der guten alten Vinylscheibe über ein nicht alltägliches Röhrenverstärker-Equipment.
Bis denn
U. Münch

Name: Miri
Hometown: MUC
Your Home Country Germany
Sent: 10.54 - sat 27 jul 2002

Hallo, lieber Albert! Jetzt bin ich aber platt. Zufälle gibt's, die machen mich stutzig... das wichtigste zuerst: JAAAA, die CDs sind damals angekommen, und Emmy und ich haben uns wahnsinnig gefreut. Habe das Ding mehrfach gehört, steht jetzt bei mir zwischen all den anderen RobbieW-Platten im Regal. Ich erinnere mich noch an das nette Anschreiben (keine Raubkopien, nur exklusiv für uns zusammengestellt... etc.) So! Emily und ich haben uns also sooo sehr gefreut, dass wir Dir beide eine ganz liebe Dickes-Dankeschön-Mail zurückschreiben wollten. Und was ist passiert? Meine Assistentin damals hat die Verpackung und den Brief nach dem Lesen weggeworfen. Kurzum: wir hatten keine Daten mehr, keinen Kontakt, den wir hätten nutzen können, um sich (wie das anständige Mädchen machen) ordentlich zu bedanken. Das hat mich ewig sehr, sehr geärgert. Guck mal, und jetzt - über 1000 Ecken und nach langer Zeit - komme ich jetzt DOCH dazu! Waaahnsinn. Also *tusch* tausendfach DANKEDANKEDANKE!!!!
Und liebe Grüsse ins Ostfriesenland (und auch ein danke für Deinen netten GB-Eintrag!)
Alles Liebe. M.

Name: Ulrike
Hometown: Delmenhorst
Your Home Country Deutschland
Sent: 13.15 - thu 20 jun 2002

Hallo Zusammen,
ich soll im Auftrag von netten Bekannten mal nachfragen, wieviel eine Postkarte mit allen Original-Unterschriften der Beatles wohl Wert ist. Wie erfährt man den Preis ? Soll nämlich verkauft werden ! Kann mir da jemand weiterhelfen ?

Name: Andrea Looden
Hometown: Leer
Sent: 17.56 - thu 2 may 2002

Hallo Albert,
du hast recht, die Beatles interessieren mich überhaupt nicht. Aber jetzt habe ich endlich mal den besagten Garten plus Hühner gesehen!
Was zum Teufel willst Du mit Hannes Flesner?
Es grüßt Dich Andrea

Name: Tony S.
Hometown: Halifax
Your Home Country Canada
Your Hobbies: Music, reading, writing
Your favorite Artist: Beatles
Your favorite Record: All Things Must Pass
Sent: 19.16 - wed 10 apr 2002

Looking for bootlegs versions of these two songs:
The Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp. Apple Scruffs. If anyone out there has some bootleg versions of these two songs could you please e-mail them to me. Thank you very much.

Name: Martin Beck
Hometown: Chrümmliweg 8
Your Home Country Messen
Your Hobbies: Beatles / Lennon "rarities records"
Your favorite Artist: John Winston Lennon
Your favorite Record: Get Back-The Beatles
Sent: 17.16 - sat 30 mar 2002

Have seen your nice website - excellent! You`re also a collector ?
with best regards

Name: heiko
Hometown: ossiland
Sent: 22.56 - mon 21 jan 2002

Die Seite über HannesFlesner find ich super.Auch wenn er längst verstorbrn ist.Danke für diese Seite.Es haben schon viele versucht Ostfriesland in Musik dar zu stellen.Hannes Flesner war und ist der beste der das gemacht hat.Danke

Name: Ruf Gerhard
Hometown: Zusenhofenerstr. 36
Your Home Country Deutschland
Your Hobbies: Music
Your favorite Artist: Beatles
Sent: 20.59 - mon 21 jan 2002

Das Program ist wirklich spitze.

Name: Andrew
Your Home Country UK
Your Computer/OS: AMD 333 MHZ CPU / Windows '95 / LINUX 6.2
Your Web Browser: MS IE 5
Your Hobbies: Reading comics
Your favorite Artist: The Grateful Dead
Sent: 23.28 - sat 19 jan 2002

This is a cool web site! Please visit my web site and sign my guestbook! My web address is:

Name: Rick Busi
Hometown: Riverside, CA
Your Home Country U.S.A.
Your Web Browser: Internet Explorer
Your Hobbies: Musician
Your favorite Artist: Beatles
Your favorite Record: Revolver
Sent: 21.11 - fri 14 dec 2001

Your Site is AWESOME and quite informative. Would it be possible to obtain a User Name & Password to Your Site? Thanks Rick

Name: Thea
Your Home Country Friesland
Sent: 18.53 - thu 1 nov 2001

Das ich das noch erleben darf. Eine Seite über Hannes Flesner. (Ich bin nämlich richtiger Ostfriese, wohne nur im "Ausland"). Aber die Schallplatte "Ostfriesland wie es singt und lacht", die habe ich, ätsch - ist meine einzige von Hannes Flesner. Vielen vielen Dank für diese Seite. Das gehört ja schon fast in die Kategorie "Pflege von altem Brauchtum", denn wer kennt diesen großen Barden denn noch.

Name: Jennifer
Hometown: Calgary
Your Home Country Canada
Your favorite Artist: HR Gieger
Your favorite Record: Le monde hip du monde hop
Sent: 06.55 - tue 16 oct 2001

Hello, Bonjour!!! from Canada:)
Nette Stelle. Ich denke, daß es sehr gut gemacht wird. Kanada liebt ya Baby. How do you like my translation???

Name: Rolf Broy
Hometown: Bremerhaven
Your Hobbies: Beatles / 60'er Jahre
Your favorite Artist: Beatles / Pop Rock der 50er-70er
Your favorite Record: Sgt. Pepper
Sent: 11.50 - sun 14 oct 2001

Suche Tauschpartner für CDR's (Beatles)

Name: Randolf
Sent: 00.07 - sat 22 sep 2001

Hallo Albert!!
Klasse HP hast Du gemacht!!
Meine HP:
MIT Seiten von META!!!!

Gruss Randolf

Your Home Country USA
Your favorite Artist: BEATLES
Your favorite Record: REVOLVER
Sent: 19.51 - thu 13 sep 2001

This is my new e-mail address!!! replacing LUCKY323@THEGLOBE.COM

Name: philip kamin
Hometown: new york
Your Home Country usa
Your Computer/OS: gateway pc
Your Web Browser: netscape
Your favorite Artist: beatles
Your favorite Record: beatles for sale
Sent: 21.16 - sun 29 jul 2001

excellent ++++++ site great work

Name: sgrai robert
Sent: 14.21 - fri 1 jun 2001

moin albert. wie sieht´s aus in der brennerei?
frohes pfingstfest und melde dich
gruss robert

Name: sgrai robert
Sent: 16.28 - wed 23 may 2001

hab mal bei dir in die seiten geschaut.
gruss robert.

Sent: 16.52 - mon 21 may 2001

.. und, urlaub beendet?
gruss rob. sgrai

Name: Rolf Gehring
Hometown: Balingen
Your Home Country Deutschland
Your Computer/OS: nix besonderes
Your Web Browser: IE 5.5
Your Hobbies: Tennis, PC
Sent: 08.01 - tue 8 may 2001

hallo Albert, ich hab' deine Seite gefunden!!

Name: dennis woolner
Hometown: minneapolis
Your Home Country usa
Your favorite Artist: beatles
Sent: 17.27 - sun 6 may 2001

thank you for the cd inlays for the john barrett tapes cds-very well done.

Sent: 23.04 - sat 5 may 2001

Toller Beatles Fan mit PasswortSchutz

Name: Bror Uvebrant
Hometown: Gnesta
Your Home Country Sweden
Your Hobbies: collect on Beatles records
Your favorite Artist: The Beatles
Sent: 09.30 - wed 2 may 2001

Name: Seppel
Hometown: Helmstedt
Your Home Country Germany
Your Hobbies: gute Musik
Your favorite Artist: Was wohl, BEATLES!
Your favorite Record: Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Sent: 15.41 - sun 1 apr 2001

Tolle Seite, mach weiter so!
Nur in deutsch wäre nicht schlecht...

Hometown: ISANTI, MN
Your Home Country USA
Your favorite Artist: BEATLES
Your favorite Record: REVOLVER
Sent: 04.10 - tue 20 mar 2001

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Is there a cost to log in???

Name: aso
Hometown: Hamburg
Your Home Country Germany
Your Computer/OS: Windoof 98
Your Web Browser: Internet Explorer 5.50
Your Hobbies: MY BAND (Schalldicht), Dancing, playing e-guitar...
Your favorite Artist: Schalldicht
Your favorite Record: Improvisation
Sent: 16.55 - sun 25 feb 2001

Moin Albert, nicht das du denkst ich wäre kein beatles-fan, natürlich bin ich das!!! ich muss nur son bissle werbung machen!!! mein lieblingslied von denen ist let it be... joa , ich wollt dich nur loben für deine seite , deinen gut gepflegten garten und deine arbeit beim arbeitsamt!!! mach weiter soo!!!

Name: Wolfgang Oncken
Hometown: Norden/Ostfriesland
Your Home Country Germany
Your Computer/OS: Windows 98
Your Web Browser: Explorer
Your Hobbies: Lesen, Spazieren, Beatles
Your favorite Artist: THE BEATLES
Your favorite Record: Hey Jude (at the moment)
Sent: 23.56 - tue 20 feb 2001

Thank you very much Albert!- This is a great contribution to keep the spirit alive! -
Love and Peace

P.S.:See you on saturday !?(at bishopsgate HaHa)

Name: Paulo Mar
Hometown: Lisbon
Your Home Country Portugal
Your Hobbies: Beatles
Sent: 01.32 - tue 20 feb 2001

Great Site !
Keep on the good work ....
Danke Schön !

Name: John T Reeder III
Hometown: Roebling, NJ
Your Home Country USA
Your Hobbies: Beatles, Chess, Coins Baseball
Your favorite Artist: Beatles
Your favorite Record: I am the walrus
Sent: 00.55 - wed 7 feb 2001

Name: JR
Your favorite Record: White Album
Sent: 19.50 - tue 6 feb 2001

Looking for Bootleg Collectors willing to share CDR copies and Beatles related Video (especially George Harrison interviews) will pay $$$

Name: Torsten
Hometown: Isenstedt
Your Home Country Deutschland
Your Computer/OS: PC
Your Web Browser: Internetexplorer
Your Hobbies: Sport,Reisen,Musik(Beatles)
Your favorite Artist: John Lennon
Your favorite Record: Imagine
Sent: 23.47 - sat 3 feb 2001

Schöne Seiten - leider zu wenig in deutscher Sprache!!!
Bis bald.......

Name: Christine Sweers & Gerold Helweg
Hometown: Großringe
Your Home Country Germany
Your Computer/OS: K6 AMD 400
Your Web Browser: IE 5.0
Sent: 15.51 - sat 3 feb 2001

Hallo Albert!
Sehr viel hat sich deine Homepage ja nicht verändert. Aber trotzdem weiterhin viel Spaß und Erfolg bei der Pflege der Seiten. Schade dass, so sich so viele Werbeseiten öffnen.!
Gerold und Christine

Name: Albert Meyer
Hometown: Emden
Your Home Country Germany
Your Computer/OS: Windows NT 4 (Service Pack 6)
Your Web Browser: Netscape 4.75
Your Hobbies: Beatles, Computer, Garden
Your favorite Artist: The Beatles
Your favorite Record: Get Back (The Album)
Sent: 00.09 - tue 30 jan 2001

This is the opening message. Maybe there will be more! I hope so...