Attention, Beatles-Fans!

I know, that there are countless Beatles pages out there on the web. Why should you chose to stay longer and visit mine? If you look at the CD cover at the top of this main page and it is quite familiar to you, you'll get an idea, of what my Beatles Page is mainly about - Beatles Bootlegs! There are other pages about them, too. Because these unauthorized Records are my special interest, I have visited a lot of these other pages about them before and I have tried to include some subjects here, that are not featured regularly on those other pages.

Every collector of these records should check out the following pages:


Special CD-Inlay's for Beatles-CD's
(Added June 17, 1997)


  Get Back
(The Album and the Songs)
(Added March 29, 1998)


Paul McCartney - Complete Cold Cuts
(Exploring this unreleased McCartney Album)
(Added August 14, 1998)


The reversed Core Collection
(Added November 2, 1998) 


Also known as
(A List of Songs, that are known under different Names)
(Added February 18, 1999)


Now hear this
(Examining Paul McCartney's album "Brung to Ewe by Hal Smith")
(Added February 21st, 1999)


One To One Rehearsals
(A short overview of the available songs recorded during rehearsals
for John Lennon's last "real" concert appearance in New York 1972)
(Added September 4th, 2000)


The End Of The Star Club
(Take a look at the last seconds of the stage of the Star Club in Hamburg...)
(Added February 1st, 2001) 


The Let It Be Mystery
(Is there an unrecognized Alternate Mix?)
(Added March 8th, 2001) 


(Added Sept. 27, 1997)

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